Monday, September 1, 2008

Hearing from God in unexpected places...

ok, so here is the 'God story' from my trip to Wisconsin....

I was totally looking forward to this little road trip for a number of reasons.  I was really excited to spend some great time traveling with Ali.  I cherish any time that I can spend with my kids; especially one on one!  I couldn't wait to catch up with my life long friend Rhonda and her family.  I was looking forward to the wide open space and the much needed time to pause and listen for God in fresh new ways.

Ali & I had a great week catching up with dear old friends and I was thanking God for allowing us this time together and a chance for me to hit the pause button.  I was totally not expecting what happened the day before we came home. 

 Rhonda wanted me to visit her church with her.  She had described her church to me and told me how much she loved sounded so much like VCC only on a much smaller scale.  The senior pastor had spent the entire summer in Europe with his wife and children and was not to be back until the following week.  Rhonda was really bummed as she wanted me to meet pastor Mike!  As we walked into the church....there he was!  I I will get to meet him & we can chat about Europe!

The service began w/ a familiar worship song and then they paused to watch a video from World Vision.  Again, I was thinking...sweet!   a small country church with a vision for the world!!!  THEN pastor Mike got up to speak.  He had been away from his little church for 3 months and this was his first day back....he was so excited as he began to share about his summer in Europe!!!  HOW CRAZY!!  here I am sitting in the middle of the great outdoors....surrounded by corn fields and cows and this pastor is sharing with his church about the spiritual needs in Europe!!!  What are the chances....???  THEN he began his sermon.  The text was Elijah & Elisha.  This is what I had been reading in my personal quiet time!!!  MORE convergence!!!  His sermon was all about God calling us to partner with Him and how He wants to bless us as we learn to trust and obey Him!!!!  We looked at how Elisha responded to the call of God.  He said 'good-bye' to his mother & father and left!!!  At this point I was quite hot...not sure if it was just another 'hot flash' or the Holy Spirit!!!  He went on to share how often times we miss God's blessings because we are to afraid or insecure to trust God!!!  I was frozen...I seriously felt like I was the only person in the church and God was speaking through pastor Mike directly to ME!!!  It was such incredible confirmation ONCE AGAIN!!!  I was humbled by God's intimate love for me.  

It was a holy time.

I met pastor Mike after the service & shared with him that I was moving to Amsterdam in January with a team of folks to plant a church there.  He had spent several days in Amsterdam & met w/ the pastor of Crossroads International!!!  Bernie & I visited that church in May while in Amsterdam!!! 

CRAZY!!!!  and I'm sure I am leaving stuff was just so crazy....SO like our God!!!

Obviously I returned home with a fresh new energy for this new chapter!!!  I am continually reminded of how much God loves us and wants us to know His will.  He is so incredibly BIG and EVERYWHERE and yet so intimate and personal.  I love how He is always surprising me!!  I love that He shows up in the most unexpected places and times!!

I love that He has no limits.  He is the God of Vineyard Columbus.  The God of Faith Community in New Richmond Wisconsin.  The God of Vineyard Amsterdam.....

and He desires to be known and heard!!!