Wednesday, September 3, 2008

animal house

i guess you don't have to be living in amsterdam to be experiencing 'issues' with animals!!  i figure since my amazing team leaders have shared their most urgent prayer requests with all of you blog readers then we are free to share our animal stories & prayer requests as well!!  

so here is a peek into my week thus far...

i awoke last thursday to find my beloved parakeet (nameless) laying all crumpled up in his food dish.  dead.  very dead.  and did you know that when birds die (or at least 'my' bird) they don't get all stiff like people....they get all crumpled.  i was so saddened.  i called bernie @ work to share the tragic news (in tears).  he graciously offered to come home over lunch and properly dispose (take out in a garbage bag) of my beloved nameless parakeet.  In all fairness to bernie he did offer to give my bird a proper burial in the back yard next to the fish pond.

bernie has gained some wisdom over the years.  he kept his insensitive animal comments to himself & very quietly 'disposed' of the bird!

i did thank God that the bird died in my home & not after i had given him to my granddaughters.  bernie thanked God that the bird died in his food dish and all he had to do was remove the food dish w/ the bird in it!!

THEN for my dog 'issues'...

Ryo (the Dutch word for 'emotional black hole) has allergies every summer.  Of course this summer is the worst she has ever been!  We have been keeping her little cone on her head so she cannot chew herself up, BUT she is as smart as julia's mice and has figured out how to work her little cone off! We came home from church on Sunday to find Ryo in my bedroom chewing away at herself!!!   She had her entire back end chewed up so bad she was bleeding!!!  I could/can hardly stand to look at her.  We are giving her Benadryl around the clock!  Any suggestions??  Maybe I should be googling!!  

AND both of our cats are having allergy 'issues' as well.  They are both sneezing everywhere and coughing up all kinds of hairballs!!

Seriously, I keep telling God that I don't have time to deal with all these animal 'issues.'  

If any of you knows anyone who has a heart for a special needs, very adorable and affectionate, West Highland Terrier please let me know!!!  We are in desperate need of finding good homes for all of our animals (minus the bird!).


pickerillamsterdam said...

ohmygosh. i think that having your pets die tragic deaths must be a sign from God that it's time to move. remember all our fish that gigi killed? but i'll pray for His hand of protection to keep the dog and cats for a new home.

i can't believe that your bird dropped (literally) dead. poor guy.

when you get here though, it's cool because you can sit with me on my couch in a totally lit room trying to read a book and drink some tea and watch the mice come out to play. if it weren't for the diseases they carry, it be kinda' cute.

love you guys!