Friday, August 29, 2008

catching up!

wow, i just realized a couple of months have gone by and i have not updated our blog!!  obviously us 'older' people will continue to need more grace as we attempt to become more tech savvy!!  in our defense we did have our computer crash and some other annoying tech issues, but we're back on line and will try to communicate more often!!

LOTS is happening as we continue to transition towards Amsterdam!  Here are some of our current updates:
1)  we are at 85% of our support!!!  praise God for His provision and all the generous people that have been called to partner with us!  we are still in need of 6 people to commit to $100/month....very do-able!  our personal goal is to cross the finish line by October!
2)  our home is in TOTAL chaos as we prepare to rent!  we are (with MUCH help from friends) painting (back to neutral...sad face), cleaning up the yard, updating, packing, throwing, sorting, ....!!!  it really doesn't look much like home anymore, but we are excited and ready to set up our new home in amsterdam!!
please pray for good renters who would move in Oct/Nov!!  our desire is to be moved out before Thanksgiving so we can spend time with our family over the holidays without having to be packing and moving!!
3)  levi is planning to move out in a couple of weeks!!  he is moving in with a group of great guys who live near our church.  this is a total provision from the Lord for him & he is looking forward to it!  i'm hoping he will figure out quickly that clean laundry doesn't just appear miraculously on your shelves...or groceries in your frig....!  God has been so good to provide levi w/ a great job...full benefits!  he is planning to work & start school winter quarter!!
4)  bernie will be taking a class this quarter to finish up his BA (after 30+ years!).  please pray for him/us as this is such a busy time and he will need to add studying to the schedule!!  it's a very good thing that God is SO very big!!
5)  the pickerills have been in amsterdam for ONE MONTH!!!  God is providing in amazingly quick ways!!  they are moved in to an awesome apartment, they have their i-phone, they have the boys in school, they have shared Jesus with their broker, made many new friends, and are LOVING life in amsterdam!!  brooke c. has been in amsterdam now for 2 WEEKS!!!  she is looking at apartments, riding bikes, learning to shop at the markets, and LOVING life in amsterdam!!!  SO 1/2 our team is ON THE FIELD and experiencing much of God's provision & kindness!  
6)  we are spending as much time as we can with our family and friends.  ali (my youngest daughter) and i took a 'road trip' to northern wisconsin last week to visit dear friends and have some 'mom & ali time!'  we had a great time together & with our friends.  we were in total farm cell phone reception, was some much needed 'down' time.  we enjoyed the beauty of the great outdoors...tall pine trees, stars in the great big sky, peaceful rivers, humming birds.   we also had some great food and got a personal pottery class!!  AND best of all i came home with another awesome 'God story!!'  i will have to share my story on another really needs a whole blog!!!

...all for now!  we are loving this amazing life and are always thankful for our awesome family and friends who share life with us!!!

pressing on!