Monday, October 27, 2008

Letting Go

I remember not that long ago driving down the street to the Pickerills yard sale.  I was filled with emotion and great anticipation for all that julia would be experiencing as they literally sold their possessions in preparation for their new life in Amsterdam.  I could not even imagine how she was 'holding up' emotionally as they walked through all the chaos of preparing to leave, and yet, upon arrival she seemed calm and very much at peace with the situation.  It was very faith-building to watch how God had given them so much grace to move towards their new calling, but I remember thinking it would somehow be different for me!!

I was able to rationalize away lots of the peace because the Pickerills were at least able to pack up their little family and take with them!  The thought of me selling everything I own AND leaving my little family seemed to be just too much!!  I took great comfort in feeling like I had lots of time to prepare!!

Well...that time has gone SO very fast and I am so happy to report to you all that my Jesus was big enough to give me all the peace I needed to walk through my yard sale with just as much grace and ease!!!!  I am truly giving Him ALL the glory as I KNOW none of it is me!!  I am just way to weak when it comes to my kids and grandkids!!!  It was really a super sweet experience filled w/ lots of amazing 'God stories' so I want to share some of them with you all!!

The day started very early for Bernie & I.  We went out to start setting up tables around 7ish (yes, am, still dark) and it was drizzling and yucky!!  We immediately prayed.  We wanted to remind God (just in case He had forgotten) that this was our one day to get rid of lots of stuff!!  We also asked Him to bring lots of people that weren't the typical 'yard sale' people.  I am an avid 'yard saler' so I am very familiar with the want everything for nothing!!!  You go with $10-20 bucks in your pocket hoping to come back home w/ a van filled with treasures!!  Anyway, we had lots of really nice stuff that we needed to sell for more than 50 cents, so we told God thanks for letting us use all this really great our really sweet home...and we told Him we were giving it all back for Him to sell so we could do what He has asked us to do next...move to Amsterdam.  We reminded Him that it would be really great if we could sell our/His stuff to make some money to pay off our debt and pay for some of our family get-a-way over Christmas.  AND if this all wasn't enough we also reminded God that we were really late in attempting to rent our home by December 1st, so we asked Him to also send someone to the yard sale who may be a potential renter!!  

Do you even realize what a great big God we have???  Do I???  He stopped the rain and He took what we called a 'yard sale' and turned it into an 'estate auction'!!!!  Super sweet!!  AND He gave us lots of great opportunity to spend time with our family and many great friends!!  And He gave us lots of great opportunity to share 'why' in the world someone 'our age' would sell everything they own and move to Europe!!!  AND He brought 2 people through who are potential renters!!!!  It was totally like we through out our little fish and loaf and He multiplied it!!!  literally!

One great story was that we sold our TV.  (side note:  this was a really big answered prayer for me as now bernie will have more time to help me!!)  Anyway, the lady who bought it came back a couple hours later and told me her son didn't want it...he wanted to wait for a flat screen.  I said, "no problem, let me get you your money"...and she said, "no, I want you to keep that money, but I brought the TV back so you could 'sell it again!!!'"  multiplication!!  God's way!!

Another amazing story...a woman asked if I had any rugs for sale.  I said "no"...nothing I want to sell at a 'yard sale.'  I told her I had a really nice rug, but that I was planning to sell it on craigs list because I needed to get more money for it.  She wanted to look, so I showed her and told her what I would want for it.  She had no problem with that.  Then she asked about my leather ottoman.  I (jokingly) told her their was a 'bidding war' on that piece!!  She entered the war and wrote out her bid along w/ her phone number and told me to call her later.  I looked at her 'bid' later in the day and about dropped when I saw she had offered me $350.00 for a piece I had marked $100.00!!!!  People don't do this!!  This does not happen at 'yard sales!!'  

Funny story...we even somehow sold bernie's daily devotional!!!  Too funny!!  Things were flying out the door and people were just grabbing up and buying everything!!

It was a very surreal day as we sold almost everything we own and God brought in amazing money and people!!!  There is something very freeing about letting go of all your possessions and yet challenging because of all the memories attached to them.  I learned lots of stuff that day... God pays for what He orders, God gives and takes away, stuff is just stuff, love is so much more valuable than stuff, God does stop the rain, I can survive way more than I thought,...and on and on!

We now move towards the challenge of packing everything left into a few suitcases!!  Remember those days when you were in college and everything you owned fit in your car???  We are there once again and enjoying it all!!


Julia Pickerill said...

ohmygosh you guys, i love hearing the stories!!! i can't believe the part about selling bernie's daily devotional! here's to living out of suitcases!

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Roxi - that's an awesome post! Praying for you guys...

Kathy (Biondi)

Amanda & John Nash said...

I love it...God has been so good to us all!

Ashleigh said...

I love being part of your journey. I hope your story will someday be ours... praying for you!!!