Friday, October 3, 2008

being intentional

i am realizing more each day how much and how quickly my life is changing all around me.  each and every day seems to hold a new sense of urgency as the 'to do' lists continue to grow and the countdown to amsterdam is imminent.  what is really important...what really needs to be done...where and with whom do i spend my time?  priorities?  what does it look like to 'leave well?'

a huge priority is helping my family through this time of transition.  we started a family gathering every monday night to be intentional about spending time together with the goal of creating space to talk about the process of change, brainstorm about creative ways to communicate, begin new traditions, build new & lasting memories, eat good food, laugh, pray and enjoy each other!!  it's been so fun and i have realized throughout the past three weeks just how thankful i am for this time of change in our family.  we are planning for and doing things that we would have 'wanted' to do but would have never done had we not been moving.  we are doing the stuff that really matters.  we are being intentional about defining who we are as a family and finding lots of creative ways to capture these values so we can all leave a lasting legacy to the next generation!! we are all blogging on our 'family only' blog.  we are brainstorming ideas for a family crest.  we will begin a handwritten 'family journal'.   we are taking the time each week to verbally bless one specific person!!  we have started with the little girls and we have had to remind each of them that they can only say words that are encouraging!!!  this is a great reminder for us all!  how different would life be if we were intentional every week to specifically and verbally bless someone in our family?

at the end of the day life is very simple; love God and love others!!  

thanks family for loving me well and for being so easy to love!!!

roxi/ mom/ grama roxi


Brooke said...

hi friends! i love the new pictures! so fun to see your family! it was such a treat to skype with you today! praying for you roxi!! much love