Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm thankful for...

I was reminded last night of what an incredibly full life I live!! It was 'just' another Tuesday night and it could have passed by like every other Tuesday night, BUT as my head hit the pillow I paused to thank God for all the blessings He had given me in just one evening. ...SO many little things that I take for granted, like having an awesome dinner on the patio with my hubby and my good friend Kristi who left for Morocco this morning on a short term mission trip, our good friend Jed just stopping by to say "hi", picking up our Moroccans friends to take them out for ice-cream (this was a new experience for them...they didn't even know how to order!), getting a call from our dear friend Ralph who wanted to meet us for ice-cream (so he joined us at Graeters), having our favorite son-in-law & our three brilliant granddaughters join us for ice-cream, then my dear friend Melba showed up (Ralph's wife), then my beautiful daughter Tif showed up, then we were off to the park so the kids could run & play, then back to Omar & Aicha's for cake and mint tea, then home at last to my nice little home in the burbs for another nights rest!!!

I am thankful for my home, my faithful friend and hubby who is also an amazing cook and a great host, my incredible 4 children and their partners, great food, good wine, treasured friends, a church that hosts short term mission trips, the opportunity to have gone to Morocco the past 2 years, my God who has been faithful to give me a love for people different from myself, photographs, memories, friends who just 'stop by', new friends, old friends, young friends, friends from Morocco, coffee ice-cream, waffle cones, a son in law that I love like my own sons, 3 granddaughters that I treasure with all of my heart, parks, beautiful warm evenings, stars, Moroccan cake & mint tea and avocado smoothies, my old dirty van, enough money to buy gas & ice-cream, my house with all the food & dirty dishes waiting for me, my nice comfy bed...

and another new day!!!

Pressing On!

roxi (thankful for life!!)


pickerillamsterdam said...

wow. that was fast! i'm thankful for you! love, sunshine.