Monday, November 10, 2008


Pastor Rich is teaching a sermon series on Wisdom…walking us through some of the Proverbs.  Rich has covered some really important topics, such as Wisdom in our Sexuality, Wisdom in our Finances, etc.  The entire series has been fabulous (as always!!) and yesterday’s sermon was no exception.

Wisdom in Choosing Friends!!  Friends.  You know, those people throughout life who will help ‘shape’ us….for better or for worse!  Friends, who will hurt us or help us. Friends who will love us enough to tell us the truth.  Friends who are ‘with us’ in the good times AND the challenging.  Friends who see the best in us.  Friends who will challenge us to be our best.  Friends who hide our sins and our faults and will not gossip about us.  Friends who have our backs.  Friends who point us to Jesus!

I’ve been thinking a lot about all my friends these days.  Thinking about how many totally amazing, awesome, generous, sacrificial friends I have!!!  I was also thinking about how many different kinds of friends I have…and thanking God for each one of them and how special and unique they all are!

My friends are very colorful and very diverse in lots of ways!!  I have very white American friends, wonderful African American friends, friends from all over Africa…South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tanzania…friends from India, friends from Columbia, and new friends from Holland.  I have very tall friends and very short friends.  I have very young friends and very old friends….rich friends and poor friends…friends who follow Jesus and friends who are Muslim, new age,  humanists, and other.  I have friends who are very deep thinkers and friends who make me laugh.  I have friends who are very new friends and friends who I’ve known for a life-time.

I’m sure you get my point….I LOVE my friends.  ALL of them.  I am humbled and always thankful for my life that is truly rich in friendships!! 




Julia Pickerill said...

friend, i love you too. it's weird how much i'm starting to miss seeing you. at first, it felt like time was moving fast but really, all of a sudden it feels like forever! i know these months are treasures for you and your family. i'll keep praying for your time left in c-bus, even though i can't wait to see you at the airport in a*dam!

Melba said...

OK I just read your blog about friends.. I am ready to buy a ticket to Amsterdam!
For now I will try to stop having "faux renters call you"!

Love you so much my friend!

Mary Jo said...

I'm glad you mentioned your short friends .....